August 30, 2022

Pirates of Azeroth

Somewhere on the high seas of Azeroth, the Orc Captain Foulgrunt and the crew of the Ka'lypso set sail for adventure and treasures untold but mostly just in search of more grog.

The Ka'lypso is a 16 gun vessel imbued (some say possessed) with a warlock's Infernal. This sometimes gives the ship a mind of its own but also grants them a formidible secret weapon, the Infernal cannon! which fires a one shot beam of concentrated Fel fire.

I based my crew on many of the non-human races from the World of Warcraft video game. I also wanted my entry to evoke the night-time look of Melee Island from The Secret of Monkey Island video game. The custom sails are made from the packing paper from a recent order.

Meet the crew:


Pius M. @MOCassin

Love the ship, though it looks a little chunky (which may well be on purpose). The lighting is flawless, and I can't get over the Rock Raiders Crystal King head for the front of the ship, it works so well. Was this by any chance made for the recent BrickNerd pirates contest?

Fat Tony @Fat_Tony

@MOCassin Thanks so much! It was built for the BrickNerd contest. The ship is larger than I originally planned, I wanted it to look crowded without having to pack it full of minifigures.

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Fat Tony

I like to sort.