March 28, 2021


Island of Discovery - Questions (part 2/3)

Recovered from the journal of Reginald J. Schnuff; pirate, explorer, archaeologist, etc.

Journal Entry 457

“I awoke to the sound of waves and discovered that I wasn’t dead. Where was I and what happened? Then it came to me: the shipwreck. All my mates. Gone. Given up to the depths. I survived, but why? Here on an unknown island with no food or shelter. I was left to my fears and my racing heart. I was better off sinking in the sea.

I journeyed through the jungle for what seemed like days. Some places dark as midnight. Every sound made my skin crawl, and I knew that with every step I was being watched.

Still I found no signs civilization, and I couldn’t tell whether that was a good thing or not. The tales of cannibals and monsters even frightened a pirate such as I. The sea I could handle, but all alone on an unknown island, I wasn’t sure. But I would not go down without a fight that’s to be sure.

Then all of a sudden, I stepped into a clearing with what seemed to be a village taken over by the jungle. ‘So there are people here in this island?’ It appeared that nobody had been in these parts for a very long time, except for the lit torches. They cast an eerie glow over the buildings and dense foliage. I looked all around and couldn’t find a soul. ‘Where are the people?’ I wondered...”

Hey everyone this is the second part of my Island of Discovery miniseries. There will be a total of three MOCs in this series. Please let me know what you think of the MOC and the story!


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Love the intense vegetation here! The path of loose brown bars is also a great technique.

David Vaughan @DPStudios

Awesome MOC! The vegetation and hut are great!

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