March 7, 2021


Island of Discovery - Shipwrecked (part 1/3)

Recovered from the journal of Reginald J. Schnuff; pirate, explorer, archaeologist, etc.

Journal Entry 456

“The storm arrived out of nowhere. Intense, strong winds covered us in a hailstorm of rain. Behemoth waves crashed along the bow of the ship. We were suddenly off course and headed into the unknown. Suddenly a loud, gut wrenching crack was heard over the assailing waves, and our ship was split to pieces. I managed to grab hold of some splintered wreckage and I held on for dear life. Through the lightning flashes I could see the outline of land. Suddenly my driftwood raft crashed against the rocks outlining this unknown island. I have heard many a tale about what happens on islands such as these: cannibals, monsters, magic; it sends chills down me spine...”

This is the first part of my three-part Island of Discovery miniseries.


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Very cool foliage and rockwork. Also love how foamy the water is!

Isaiah D. @Garmadon

@GenevaD Seconded! That foliage and rock-work is fantastic!

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