December 23, 2020

SI2 Sonike Requiem

Was great to participate in SHIPtember again this year! This SHIP took me two weeks to build and is 105 studs long. There’s a light brick incorporated in the bridge and the SHIP is sturdy enough to be swooshed easily. Weight: 5.26 pounds (2.39 kilograms).

More pictures on Brickbuilt.


Werewolff Studios @Werewolff_Studios

Again, this is such a wicked design. Great work indeed!

TalusMoonbreaker @TalusMoonbreaker

Sweet ship Isaac! Looks kinda like a nerf gun :)

Isaac Snyder @Isaac_S

Thanks everyone!

@Talus, yeah my main inspirations for this SHIP were sci-fi guns from games like Destiny 2.

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