December 26, 2020

Sleigh Ride

Alternatively, the title could be, ‘A Lot of Snow’. This was my eleventh entry for ABS Builder challenge. This build was basically two days of nearly non-stop building; one to build the bridge, sleigh, and water/underwater section, and one to make all of the snow and finishing details such as the trees. The dark red seed part was used 8 times in the sleigh.

More pictures.


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Such a lovely snowscape! Good to see this MOC again.

IansBricks @IansBricks

Love the snot technique for the icy river, and how you can see the depth. Love it!

Gareth Gidman @garethbuilds

I really like the way you did the water!

Isaac Snyder @Isaac_S

Ah, this brings back some fun memories! Crazy to think it's been nearly 4 years since you built this.

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