April 8, 2022

South West Frontier

After successfully completing their northern patrol, 1st Lieutenant Dirk Allcock's troop is assigned the more challenging South Western sector, near the ill defined southern border. This area has a vastly different environment to the cooler North, here the pine forests give way to arid grasslands and desert. The locals are a mixture of races and cultures and the cavalrymen encounter many colourful characters. At a traditional southern house, the patrol are welcomed by the locals, who offer them a place to stay for the night. In the morning, they will continue to search for the bandit gang plaguing the area. Tonight; however, they can relax to the upbeat music and fiery food of offered by their hosts.

A lot of inspiration from Norton74's Mariachi wagon and Mexican house in this one!

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bonobobricks @bonobobricks

looks great, very southwest feel

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