March 26, 2021

Soviet T-55 Tank

The Soviet T-54 and T-55 tanks are the most produced in history, with over 80,000 being built. They followed the T-34 of World War II fame. Originally using the same 100mm gun as the SU-100 when the T-54 entered service in 1947, T-55 are still used in many countries, albeit with heavy upgrades. I built this model for a Vietnam MOC I'm working on. It uses Brickmania 2-stud wide tracks and a Brickmania sticker pack for the crate on the turret. Other than that, it's a 100% Lego tank. I look forward to building more MOCs like this. Thanks for viewing. -Erling


Erling Samuelsen @Erkenbrand

@TheBlueBrick Thanks. I built it for a Vietnam MOC I'll post in June.

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