December 18, 2020

St. Michael's Galleon - Modular

St. Michael's Galleon - Modular

The Modular Build: This ship is designed with the inspiration of a galleon and full-rigged ships. It is designed in white, black and gold colors to create a luxurious look. The St. Michael’s Galleon is a modular build, using the classical building technique. The following 10 sections can be easily modularly removed and reattached/placed (resting on tiles) for easy play: forecastle deck, main deck (in 3 various parts), cargo hold barrels (lifted out by crane system located on foremast), main deck hatch opens on hinge (above long boat), long boat, quarter deck with wheel, captain’s cabin with navigation and balcony, and the passengers’ quarters.

This is a three-masted vessel with a bowsprit on the forecastle holding up the figurehead of a golden archangel. The vessel’s sails comprise of a large single jib sail fore-and-aft rigged on the bowsprit, square-rigged on the foremast, mainmast, and mizzenmast respectfully, and a spanker sail gaff-rigged on the mizzenmast. The masts are fully equipped with plate sails, as inspired by LEGO CREATOR set 31109. If desired, the plate sails can be easily removed and fabric sails can be applied. With the plate sails removed, a docked ship effect is created. The fore-mast and mizzenmast are equipped with a top platform, and the mainmast with a crow’s nest. A large golden byzantine cross decorates the foresail, main topsail and mizzen topsail. The mainsail is decorated in golden Hebrew letters with the name “Michael” (Michael) and the mizzen sail is decorated in golden Hebrew letters with the word “Kadosh” (Holy/Saint), hence describing the name of the vessel: the St. Michael’s Galleon.

The St. Michael’s Galleon is equipped with two anchors port and starboard operated from the forecastle, which can be accessed by removing the forecastle deck (modularly). The vessel is pierced with 22 gunports, with 22 canons (11 gunports port and starboard on the hull). To access the cannons and cargo hold, minifigures open the hatches by either the foremast or mizzenmast, and climb down ladders. The 22 canons are operated from the cargo hold, cannon balls are located in crates just underneath the long boat. Opening the hatch (on hinges) between the mainmast and mizzenmast reveals the long boat. Removing the main deck (modularly) between the mainmast and mizzenmast (port and starboard), reveals the longboat, a few cannons and the cannon balls in crates. Removing the main deck (modularly) between the foremast and mainmast, reveals several large and small barrels, which can all at once be lifted out by the crane located directly above it on the foremast. Removing the quarter deck with the wheel (modularly), reveals the captain’s cabin (large bed and navigation area). Removing the captain’s cabin and balcony (modularly), reveals the passengers’ quarters (kitchen, dining room, port and starboard coffee tables looking out to the sea, and a piano). Removing the passengers’ quarters’ (modularly), reveal the sleeping quarters in the cargo hold with 8 beds.

Minifigures: The St. Michael’s Galleon carries in total 14 minifigures: 1 golden St. Michael Archangel statue (quarter deck), 1 golden archangel figurehead, 1 captain, 1 captain’s wife (sleeping in the captain’s cabin), 1 chief mate (in blue at the dining table), 2 deck officers (female with sextant and female at the dining table), 6 sailors, and 1 chef.

Model Information: The total number of parts comes in at 2991. Some 30 parts are momentarily unavailable according to STUD.IO because of a specific color (mostly pearl gold pieces, minifigure bodies and hair). The dimensions in studs are: width 36.2, length 106.4, and height 77.9. The dimensions in Centimeters are: width 29.0, length 85.1, and height 62.3. The weight comes in at 4129.8 grams (just over 4 kg). The approximate cost as stated by STUD.IO is 1000 EURO. Actual buying options show cost (in these colors) at approximately 1300 EURO.

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Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Impressive work, especially on the sails!

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