December 22, 2020

The Finding of the Ring

Built in January 2020 for a collab with LOTRLUG, following the story of ring. My part depicts the scene in which Smeagol is "giftes" the ring after strangling Deagol. I hope you enjoy it!


Fox Braisthorn @tarnizhed_bricks

(and then there's the duck in the background who's like heh you have a heck of a storm coming to ya) That's AMAZING! (as usual :D )

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Such a great design for the swan!

Michael Lamb @Lego_Lamb

I still remember seeing WIPs of this, it's still one of my favorite mocs you've built.

Defensor @clemsontigers5

I don't think I have ever seen a stud shooter used so uniquely. Great job!

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Caleb Huet

I'm a Christian TFOL whose favorite genre is castle, although I'll build just about anything.