December 16, 2020

The Innkeeper's Wife

In which an innkeeper's wife may regret her choice of outfit when going outside on a frigid winter day.

Built a few months ago for the 2020 Summer Joust. I wanted to experiment with using yellow, a color not commonly used in modern castle builds, combined with fairly modern techniques. Some of the woodwork techniques are a bit tricky, particularly the corners and the arches.


Guy @ww2_lego_guy

Excellent aesthetic, what shade of yellow is that? Good work

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

I've commented on this somewhere else but the tudor is too good not to call out again. Great work!

Halhi141 @Halhi141

@ww2_lego_guy just normal yellow, there's a bit of tan/dark tan and bright light orange mixed in, although the bright light orange is only a few pieces so it's hard to notice.

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