December 19, 2020

The Painted City

Check out the behind the scenes video for more close up shots of the creation.

This build is a collaborative project between three builders: my friends Eli Willsea , Micah Biedemen and myself. We began this project back in May of 2019 when Micah flew to my house to hang out for the week. We planned on throwing together a quick collaboration, but our ambitions quickly soared. Micah had to leave before the project was fully finished and due to school and work the build's production was delayed. Over Christmas break Eli and I finished up the final touches of the build and photographed it. So finally after many hours of and lots of care, here it is in all it's beauty! Enjoy!

This project took us about 3 week of total combined building time. It uses somewhere between 50,000 - 100,000 parts. We used forced perspective to achieve the effect of the city in the distance and buildings close by. Grant largely built the back city, Eli built all of the right side and some of the left, Micah built most the left and gave invaluable input.

The inspiration for the concept and layout behind this build came from artist LZY

Gallery of close up photos


Monitogo Studios @Mudskipper

Grant - this is literally one of the most artistic things I have ever seen done in Lego. It inspires me as a filmmaker!

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