December 17, 2020

The Samurais Home

Here is my latest creation from a few months back, the Samurai's Home. This is also one of the few non-Star Wars builds of mine.

The building design is by PaulTrach and the bridge is designed by Building_Connections_Official from Instagram.


Kobe Bui @whothatbui

Beautiful moc man, nice use of colors and fig placement

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Loved this roof color when I saw it on Paul's build and it looks great here too.

Daniel Martin @db_pro

Magnificent! Love the composition

David Vaughan @DPStudios

@GenevaD Indeed! I was originally planning on using a different color for the roof, but went ahead and ordered the cones in azure since they just work so well.

Sullivan Manning @Sully

Wonderful build! That bridge looks like a nightmare to construct. xD

David Vaughan @DPStudios

@Sully Thank you! And yes, yes it is -_-

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