August 6, 2021

Type 76

When the dust settled on the Second Great War, the Ayanami Empire found itself in a commanding position in East Aphrodia. The rising moon flag flew across holdings from the Eastern Tip of Blanqui, through swathes of Tolmekia and down to the southern island chains. Postwar tank doctrine focused increasingly on the inferiority of Imperial tanks as far back as the Tolmekian war of 1936-1939. This almost obessive instinct to sacrifice weight and mobility concerns would culminate in the type 74, a tank so powerful that few bridges in the home islands could withstand the force of its massive hull. Military planners envisioned the vehicle fulfilling the role of the older "breakthrough tanks" in the seemingly inevitable second showdown with the Principality of Blanqui, The sudden rapprochement between the two nations in 1979 meant that the vehicle would end up fighting alongside its erstwhile foes in the Third Great War.


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