August 11, 2022

Viper Probe Droid

“It isn’t friendly, whatever it is.”


Pius M. @MOCassin

This is one of the greatest bilds I've seen here so far! The greebling is sopt on, and even the Han Solo minifigure is much more creative than the usual standard LEGO edition. I would love to see instructions for this, but regardless, stellar work, God bless and brick on!

Greyson @HistoryBricks

@MOCassin Thank you! The build isn't complicated, really—just round 2x2 plates inside the tires, a 2x2 dish in between the two sections, and a trans-clear bar to keep it all together. And yes, even if the late 2000's Hoth Han isn't as detailed as the newer versions, I still prefer that design, and rubber bands can add a lot to a minifigure.

In Christ, Greyson

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