January 29, 2021

Zane’s Bonsai Tree

This bonsai tree, my entry in Brickset’s “Build a Bonsai” competition, is loosely based on the tree that Zane visits in season 1 of Ninjago. Long story short, Zane discovers at this tree that he is a nindroid and unlocks his true potential. Thinking about the 10th Anniversary of Ninjago, I wanted to create a tree celebrating the incredible theme that would look both subtle and a little unique. I’m excited to be entering my first MOC competition and, if nothing else, I hope it gives some joy and commemorates the classic scene from the show. God bless, Nonas.


Sullivan Manning @Sully

Ah, this is awesome. Zane has always been my favorite, and I absolutely love this episode. Great work. :)

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