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I'm a French🇨🇵. Passionate about lego, the art, literature, photography and classical music ; and that's what I like to reproduce in lego, not just a simple moc. A little "stuck catho". Vilonist for a long time. Gloria in excelsis Deo

Barthezz Brick

LEGO artist | 🇳🇱 AFOL | Building since Feb 2017 | Member of RebelLug & LowLug | Follow me also on: Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. www.barthezzbrick.com

David Vaughan

I'm a LEGO builder who mostly builds Star Wars but will occasionally branch out into other themes. I post on YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr.


Tried this lol @Dutch_lug


- I am the UK - Active on discord and insta if you wanna talk - Trust me it’s not just Star Wars


I would upload here but it doesn't support HD pics so I guess I won't :( Check out my other socials instead? Mainly active on Flickr / Instagram

Filler Brick

Mainly space themed builds, often using Dark Orange and Transparent Light Blue accents.


A TFOL who admires all the fantastic MOCs built by the LEGO community and who has been collecting ideas in his Flickr galleries to start building! I have a soft spot for castle, architecture and landscapes.


Blockheads is dooooooooope!

Rob W

I use LEGO to distract from a chronic pain condition and because I like to build with LEGO.


“The strongest people make time to help others even when they are struggling themselves”


SW is the usual

Ethan Tesone

Star Wars MOC builder - Member of EmpireLUG Started Oct. 2016

Aidan Bove

Lego Star Wars and the occasional military type beat. 253rd Legion builder and Octans Lug member. My parts collection is largely out of date pls send parts

John T

@j_thedoctor Insta/Flickr/Youtube 15

Justin Blair

Ayee it’s Justin! Just your average lego moc builder 22 year old AFOL :) Go Follow me on Instagram its_a_jbear


History, Star Wars, Member of Ight Lug, Instagram: @amazebricks