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Cinematic photographs of scenes from movies, history and more Follow on Instagram: @brick_dioramas


I'm an AFOL who likes to build primarily Star Wars.

David Vaughan

I'm a LEGO builder who mostly builds Star Wars but will occasionally branch out into other themes. I post on YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr.

Boindil Lego

House builder by day. Lego builder by night.

Spartan Bricks

Texas AFOL passionate about all things LEGO || Building for the glory of Jesus || Maranatha!


Member of EmpireLUG, I mostly build Star Wars.


LEGO is my paper to draw. Creating since 2017, started from YouTube. Christian, TFOL, MOC Builder, Saltybros member, OctansLUG member I used to build Star Wars only but started from 2020, I explore different themes e.g.song MOC.


- TFOL - Star Wars moc builder (more to come) - Member of EmpireLUG and InfernoLUG - USA 🇺🇸


Welcome as my page! I am a young LEGO Star Wars Youtuber, on my channel you will find MOCs, Reviews, Unboxing, .... and many more! I have always had this passion ^^ <3 <3


Blockheads is dooooooooope!

Ethan Tesone

Star Wars MOC builder - Member of EmpireLUG Started Oct. 2016

Lego SW Pro

Member of Boba Lug, European moc builder. 16 years old


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Spencer Hubert

Member of RebelLUG, I also like to make videos about LEGO stuff

Luca S.

LEGO enthusiast from Germany. No instructions.


History, Star Wars, Member of Ight Lug, Instagram: @amazebricks


Lego Star Wars builder. Hope you like my content.


UK, 19, OH, University of Bristol; Artist, Studys Maths & Physics at Uni;