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Barthezz Brick

LEGO artist | 🇳🇱 AFOL | Building since Feb 2017 | Member of RebelLug & LowLug | Follow me also on: Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Grant Davis

I eat cheese slopes for breakfast.

Doug Hughes

Hi everyone! I'm based in Seattle, am part of SeaLUG, and head to most of the major NW conventions. I'll build anything but my favorite themes are Castle and Space, as well as building anything that moves!

Sullivan Manning

Christian TFOL with a love of most any fandom-- especially Star Wars.


I’m an active Lego builder and love building both castle and space MOCs. I’m a member of both RebelLUG and LOTRLUG.


A TFOL who admires all the fantastic MOCs built by the LEGO community and who has been collecting ideas in his Flickr galleries to start building! I have a soft spot for castle, architecture and landscapes.

Eli Willsea

I build with Lego. :D


RebelLUG is a Recognized LEGO® Online Community composed of international, independent creators.

Luca S.

LEGO enthusiast from Germany. No instructions.


Lego builder from Norway. I build Mocs form a variety of different themes.

Classical Bricks

I make things with LEGO sometimes. Like castles.

Armon Russ

Christian, novelist, and digital builder.

Jake Hansen

I play with lego


MOCs by Simon.

Geneva Durand

Creating LEGO art for the glory of God!

Caleb Huet

I'm a Christian TFOL whose favorite genre is castle, although I'll build just about anything.