Hey there im Ben aka Imperialbrickproductions! Im a 19 year old AFOL who has a passion for the brick and mainly focuses on Star Wars but likes to always dabble in new themes. Member of EmpireLUG! Check out my Instagram @Imperialbrickproductions

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American builder Non political


I'm a French🇨🇵. Passionate about lego, the art, literature, photography and classical music ; and that's what I like to reproduce in lego, not just a simple moc. A little "stuck catho". Vilonist for a long time. Gloria in excelsis Deo


I'm all about LEGO, history, and Jesus. Play well, my friends. 🇺🇸


I would upload here but it doesn't support HD pics so I guess I won't :( Check out my other socials instead? Mainly active on Flickr / Instagram


Member of EmpireLUG, I mostly build Star Wars.


A TFOL who admires all the fantastic MOCs built by the LEGO community and who has been collecting ideas in his Flickr galleries to start building! I have a soft spot for castle, architecture and landscapes.


French Builder Don't hesitate to check my instagram account, ytb account or Flickr account.

Mythic Bricks

- Lego MOC builder, collector - Fan of Lego Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Castle, Collectable Minifigures, Ideas - YouTube Video Creator (1000+ subs) - LUGOLA, Imperial Builders Division, LOTRLUG,

Michael Lamb

Catholic-LOTRLUG-Fractured kingdoms-Dark times

Levi Pettit

Just a man and his radical life as a Lego enthusiast. 19 year old AFOL and full time college student. I have been a Lego fan for well over a decade. I MOC, collect, and just enjoy all that Lego has to offer. Instagram: @themoblobster01


History, Star Wars, Member of Ight Lug, Instagram: @amazebricks


@aurumbuilds on Instagram | Member of: EmpireLUG & 253rd Legion

Sam Jensen

I'm an 18 year old AFOL and enjoy building from a variety of themes, such as castle, LotR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, pirates, etc. I'm a member of RebelLUG.

Armon Russ

Christian, novelist, and digital builder.