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Micah Beideman

Yo, I'm a AFOL named Micah. I'm a member of Steel City LUG and RebelLUG. Also a Christian, and a straw enthusiast.


FlickR : https://www.flickr.com/photos/110633275@N05/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/pistash_lego/


-TFOL| 16 -German Builder -Member of GSW Lug -Star Wars/Military Moc's Instagram: @zero_builds

Sullivan Manning

Christian TFOL with a love of most any fandom-- especially Star Wars.


Primarily Star Wars builder. Most of my builds are designed in Stud.io first and I'm happy to share the files for free.

Spencer Hubert

Member of RebelLUG, I also like to make videos about LEGO stuff

Luca S.

LEGO enthusiast from Germany. No instructions.


Lego Star Wars builder. Hope you like my content.

Graeme Straughn

Christian | American | EmpireLUG member | Student at The King's College | Living in Brooklyn

Sam Jensen

I'm an 18 year old AFOL and enjoy building from a variety of themes, such as castle, LotR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, pirates, etc. I'm a member of RebelLUG.

Jake Hansen

I play with lego


MOCs by Simon.

Caleb Huet

I'm a Christian TFOL whose favorite genre is castle, although I'll build just about anything.