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I am on Instagram and Gabe F on Flickr. I am very active on Instagram, Flickr not so much... All builds posted on my account are made by me.

Armon Russ

Christian, novelist, and digital builder.

Geneva Durand

Creating LEGO art for the glory of God!

Carter Witz

I'm a Christian 19 year old AFOL from central USA. I've been homeschooled all my life, and I'm from a large family. Most of my creations are either medieval or LotR. I hope you enjoy! Member of InnovaLUG God bless, Carter


History, Star Wars, Member of Ight Lug, Instagram: @amazebricks


Lego Star Wars builder. Hope you like my content.

Jake Hansen

I play with lego

Luca S.

LEGO enthusiast from Germany. No instructions.

Caleb Huet

I'm a Christian TFOL whose favorite genre is castle, although I'll build just about anything.

Benjamin Stenlund

I’m an AFOL from the upper Midwest of the United States. A stay-at-home dad to four kids, too. I like to build castles. And spaceships. And whatever my kids ask me to build. And whatever a contest says I should build. But mostly I like building.

Sam Jensen

I'm an 18 year old AFOL and enjoy building from a variety of themes, such as castle, LotR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, pirates, etc. I'm a member of RebelLUG.

Classical Bricks

I make things with LEGO sometimes. Like castles.

Graeme Straughn

Christian | American | EmpireLUG member | Student at The King's College | Living in Brooklyn

Grant Davis

I eat cheese slopes for breakfast.


MOCs by Simon.

Spencer Hubert

Member of RebelLUG, I also like to make videos about LEGO stuff

Graham Gidman

I'm Graham, and I build with LEGO!