February 14, 2021

Brooklyn under siege!

Ok I lied, this is from DA4 which means this scene is set on such and such planet in whoknowsit city... not Brooklyn. But hey, I patterned the buildings off a Brooklyn photo so there!


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Still such a great build - the loose rubble is spot on and so is the ruined building!

Mrs Foutch @Brickago

We can easily imagine Brooklyn under siege while looking at your build. Well done, it's a perfect sci-fi war scene!

Doug Hughes @DougHughes

@Brickago Thanks Foutches! Much appreciated!!

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Doug Hughes

Hi everyone! I'm based in Seattle, am part of SeaLUG, and head to most of the major NW conventions. I'll build anything but my favorite themes are Castle and Space, as well as building anything that moves!