March 17, 2021

LEGO Ninjago Scroll of Highlights: Kai

I've wanted to build something featuring Kai for a long time, and the LEGO Ideas Ninjago contest a while back was the perfect catalyst. Used up just about all my tan cheese slopes on this one!

Build Log Time Lapse Video


Brick Replicas @brickreplicas

That's such a fantastic format… an energetic, narrative-driven way to build! 🔥 I love the depth and dimensionality you've incorporated; the textured edges with all that cheese are a nice touch.

TalusMoonbreaker @TalusMoonbreaker

So this what you were building in the bricknerds artikle. Love kais story Progression on this!

David Vaughan @DPStudios

This is truly a beautiful piece of work. Well done!

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Geneva Durand

Creating LEGO art for the glory of God!