February 13, 2021

Nerdly Castle

A little something to inspire you to build a Nerdly!

I tried the glasses over the gate first, but that made the dark grey around the entrance look like a mustache... So I went for a two headed castle instead!

I borrowed some layout cues from my Baby Builds Castle.


Joel Tyer @Jako_of_Nerogue

Very creative, love the simple wall design as well!

Doug Hughes @DougHughes

Wish I had prioritized making another nerdly, but at least you guys all kicked butt and made awesome ones like this!

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

@Jako_of_Nerogue Thanks Joel! I strangely have more pieces for building light grey walls sideways than right side up. haha

@DougHughes Thanks Doug, you should've - they're fun! ;)

Fox Braisthorn @tarnizhed_bricks

Magnificent though the castle may be, I still can't take my eyes off the PERFECT POSITION OF THE VINES-

Mrs Foutch @Brickago

Geneva, your builds always make us smile! You have a good sense of humor and a great attention to details.

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

@tarnizhed_bricks Thank you! Nothing is more satisfying than putting a good vine on a wall! ;)

@Brickago :D Thank you!

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