March 15, 2021

Tolkien's Elven Blades

Orcrist, Glamdring, and then Sting with its scabbard!

All of these weapons from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are built at full size, 1:1 scale and feature only official LEGO® parts (the keychain on the scabbard being purist too). Strong enough to swing around and gently duel with… the blades glow blue when orcs are near.

Building instructions available at


Geneva Durand @GenevaD

Nice job on all three of these, reminds me a 1:1 scale sword is on my to-build list!

Brick Replicas @brickreplicas

@GenevaD Oh yeah!! :D That'd be so cool to see your take on a sword. Really looking forward to it.

Mrs Foutch @Brickago

Wow, this is really impressive!

Oros Rockne @OrosRockne


That's awesome!! Great job!

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