June 23, 2021

Vermont Hardware Store

The fourth vignweek prompt gave me a good excuse to build something I've always wanted to try, a storefront in this old fashioned style. The details on this were so much fun!


Brick Replicas @brickreplicas

So many neat textural details; you put a lot of care into the MOC, I love it! :D (Though I still can't figure out what all the little bluish-gray granny-hairpieces are supposed to represent exactly…

Geneva Durand @GenevaD

@brickreplicas Thank you! The hairpieces are meant to be stones, but it doesn't work very well if you look too closely. XD

Brick Replicas @brickreplicas

@GenevaD Awesome! Hey, that works for me; my only other guess was trash bags? (But then I guess they'd probably be in black…) Great job finding another way to use the part!

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