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Paul Vermeesch

A fan of outer space, historical theology, adventure stories, good mangoes, and olive cheese wedges.

Paul Rizzi

Engineering student and LEGO builder

Paul Wolfe

Lego builder, soccer fan, and music nerd from the Chicagoland area.


lego struo legoque iterum

Geneva Durand

Creating LEGO art for the glory of God!

John Klapheke

I'm John. Welcome to my BlockHeads page. Bio coming soon.

Caleb Huet

I'm a Christian TFOL whose favorite genre is castle, although I'll build just about anything.

Noel Peterson

Hi there! I'm a teen in the middle-USA and I like to build with Lego.

Carter Witz

I'm a Christian 19 year old AFOL from central USA. I've been homeschooled all my life, and I'm from a large family. Most of my creations are either medieval or LotR. I hope you enjoy! Member of InnovaLUG God bless, Carter


This is so meta.

Graham Gidman

I'm Graham, and I build with LEGO!



I run this here joint.